Explore the Ancient Córdoba and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Step back in time with a day trip private tour of the ancient city of Córdoba and its historic UNESCO World Heritage sites. Once was the capital of Moorish Spain for over three centuries, and is thought to have been the largest city in Europe during the time of Islamic rule and once was the light of the world when it enjoyed the position of being a caliphate city.
Córdoba offers an enormous cultural and historic legacy. Allow your seasoned guide to lead you from the past to the present as they describe the city’s unique history, one that has led this place to be the only city with four Heritage destinations. Discover the secrets of the gorgeous Mosque-Cathedral declared World Heritage Site, which is considered the most important monument of western Islamic art. Its shimmering golden mosaics and an endless row of red and white striped arches make it a visual delight. You won´t miss The Christian Kings Alcazar, The Jewish Quarter with its narrow streets and white-washed houses full of flowers and the Synagogue, unique in Andalusia. You will also walk along with the lovely “Calle de las Flores” one of the most traditional places in Cordoba.
Once you´ve explored all the Jewish Quarter secrets, you will have some free time to walk around by yourself, have a traditional lunch or do some shopping.
The small print
  • Private transfers included
  • Exclusive private guided tour through the city
  • Includes tickets to all attractions and monuments
  • Tour duration approximately 10 hours
  • Available year-round
  • Suitable for all ages