Fish Market Tour & Seafood Feast with Head Chef Thomas Stork

Head to the local fish market early in the morning with our head chef Thomas Stork to assist him in selecting the freshest Catch of the Day. Join him on his daily venture to stock his Puente Romano kitchen with the rich variety of produce from Andalucía, including the best seafood caught that very morning from the ports of Malaga. Learn how he selects the best produce, discover how the various fruits and vegetables inspire his creative vision for the day’s menu and mingle with the local stall owners, including our good friend and supplier Sergio. Head back to the Sea Grill with our head chef, where he will take the freshest findings from the morning’s mission to whip up a tasty seafood feast based on his creative inspiration from the market. Sample famed dishes with the creator himself as you enjoy some local wine to add a perfect touch to the perfect morning.

The Small Print

  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Available throughout the year (depending on market days)
  • Lunch at the Sea Grill at Puente Romano included