Mountain Scrambles on the Via Ferrata

Enjoy breath-taking views and pulse-quickening drops on the famed Via Ferrata climbing routes. The soaring fixed cables, ladders and exhilarating gorge-spanning bridges offer a tough workout, whilst easier routes are open to families and those seeking a more relaxed pace. The total exhilaration shown by those returning from a Via Ferrata demonstrates the sheer pleasure on offer in these magnificent mountains, which are best described as climbing/scrambling routes comprised of skilfully installed fixed cables, ladders and gorge-spanning bridges. These assist ascents to higher levels, from which you walk and climb on. Not only does rock climbing provide physical benefits, such as building endurance, muscle and flexibility, but climbing can be beneficial to both the brain and mental health; rock climbing is known to reduce stress and have positive outcomes on mental strength.

The Small Print

  • Private transfers included
  • Activity lasts all day
  • Available year round