Tennis mental coaching

We have prepared a 2-day experience by Dra Maite Torres Terry, certified sports psychologist and expert in mental coaching to train your brain and find your strengths with the CeFi system (confidence, dedication, focus and intensity) to achieve the best results in your tennis game.
In this experience of mental training and exclusive coaching on and off the courts, you will learn to strengthen your mind to win more games with more confidence and fun instead of with stress fear and pressure. You will know what are the keys to a winning mentality, you will lose the fear of winning, you will learn how to control your mind in tennis and in life in general and what you have to do to deploy your best tennis in your next matches.

The small print
  • 2 days of private classes
  • Bespoke mental coaching program with CEFI system
  • Courts rental
  • Teaching materials included
  • Coaching room