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Authentic Andalusia, Gastronomy

Tailor-made wine tasting

Let us know your wine list preferences, and our expert sommelier will design a bespoke wine experience for you. Take the chance to unveil new flavours and let your guide for an expert palate. After this wine tasting session, you will have new … Read more

Authentic Andalusia, Gastronomy

Learn to make Sangria

Ever wondered how to capture the essence of Spain in a glass? All you’ve got to do is take this Sangria masterclass with our bartender Miguel, who will take you through the history of Spain’s national drink as you create magic using the best … Read more

Authentic Andalusia, Gastronomy

Learn how to make Paella

No dishes better represent the flavours of España than a spicy paella. Ingredients combined, this dish embodies the country’s love of fresh seafood, local produce, spicy paprika and extra virgin olive oil. Take some Spanish flavours home with … Read more

Authentic Andalusia, Gastronomy

Sherry wine tasting

Did you know Sherry is one of the oldest wines in the world? Unveil the secrets of the Jerez wine with our master class and embark on a unique sensory experience. Let our head sommelier uncover the art of making wine, as you see how the Sherry … Read more