A 4 Manos 2017: Tribute to Nobu Matsuhisa

‘A Cuatro Manos’ was born of a dream Chef Dani García had of creating a gastronomic get together where the participant’s creativity and talent would be the guiding thread for unique, exclusive and unforgettable evenings.

It all began with a meeting of friends who came together to do what the like best: cooking.

Today it is also one of the annual touchstone gastronomic encounters; it involves values of tradition, evolution, innovation, exclusivity and friendship.

In March of this year, Dani García brought the event to Puente Romano for the fourth time in a row and as a good tradition, a tribute was paid to a world accomplished chef. This year the honour went to Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

For four nights, different chefs created an array of incredible menus together with Dani Garcia.
Among other chefs, the event featured:

  • 3 Michelin-starred chef Jonnie Boer,
  • Creator of legendary ‘El Bully’ Ferran Adrià
  • Juan Mari Arzak
  • 2 Michelin-starred Joan Roca
  • Albert Adrià
  • Josean Alija
  • Paco Morales
  • Ángel León
  • Ricard Camarena
  • Ramón Freixa
  • Paco Roncero
  • José Andrés
  • Diego Guerrero
  • Paco Pérez
  • Francis Paniego
  • Toño Pérez
  • Marcos Morán
  • Pepe Rodriguez
  • Youngest Michelin starred chef Jordi Cruz