The Art of the Tuna "Ronqueo"

with Nobu Master Chef Hervé Courtot and Chef Dani Garcia

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4 May 2022


We invite you to join an extraordinary culinary experience, witnessing the ancient art of the ‘Ronqueo’, the ceremonial filleting of a majestic bluefin tuna.

To mark the start of the 2022 ‘almadraba’ season, when bluefin tuna are sustainably caught off the Cadiz coast, Nobu Master Chef Hervé Courtot and award-winning Chef Dani Garcia will prepare and show-cook the tuna.

This unique event, a fascinating fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese culture, will start with the Ronqueo preparation of tuna, where every part is meticulously carved, and then the two extraordinary culinary talents will impress with show-cooking of the perfectly sliced fillets, and offer you the opportunity to taste the dishes, together with a handcrafted Roku gin cocktail.

Time: 18:00
Date: 4th May 2022
Venue: Salón Andalucia, Puente Romano Beach Resort
Price: 120€ per person
Includes the Ronqueo, show-cooking by Nobu Master Chef Hervé Courtot and Chef Dani Garcia, and a complimentary Roku gin cocktail.