Discover Ancient Andalucía at Antequera

Step into the heart of Andalucía with a tour to the ancient inland city of Antequera, famed for its historic sites including the world-renowned Dolmen of Menga burial mound. Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this charming old town has played a vital role in the history of Andalucía for millennia due to its proximity to each part of the region. Discover the wealth of numerous historic squares, the 28 ornate churches, the Roman baths and the opulent palaces that are dotted around the 4,000-year-old cityscape. Visit the Moorish military fortress that offers incredible views of the surrounding area as you learn about the fascinating and vibrant history of the region. Wander the virtually untouched streets as you uncover a side of Andalucía that feels a million miles away from the beach bliss of Puente Romano, but that is all within a fascinating and unforgettable day trip.

The Small Print

  • Available year round
  • Includes transfers
  • Suitable for all ages