Go to the Gateway City of Africa

In a matter of hours, you can be transported from the European seaside to the bustle of Tangier, the gateway city to the beautiful continent of Africa. Travel for two hours to experience the magic of Morocco, with its vibrant markets and unique flavours. Cross the Straits of Gibraltar from Andalucía by ferry, arriving in Tangier with your private transfer waiting. Take a guided tour of Tangier with a local guide, discovering all the city’s sensational secrets. Visit the Cap Espartel and the Caves of Hercules, wander around the wonderful Kasbah and discover the Palace of the Sultan, and get lost in the wonderful colours and aromas of the medina and the souk. When you’re feeling peckish, your guide will take you to a private lunch in a traditional Moroccan restaurant, allowing you to taste the wonderful spices that Morocco is so famous for. After a day of sightseeing and discovering, your hotel is a mere 2-hour journey away, allowing you to experience two different worlds in a matter of hours.

The Small Print

  • Private transfers included
  • Private guide provided
  • Lunch provided, not including drinks

INSIDER TIP: Head to Tangier with a member of our team, allowing you to experience this day trip with a local flair!