Master the Art of Spanish Fencing

Join fencing master Rosibel Vindel Barrera in a masterclass that will see you learning the traditional methods of this classic sport. The ancient art of fencing was invented in Southern Europe over 500 years ago, developing over the centuries from military training into a fun, challenging and unique workout. Rosibel, who has starred in films including The Mask of Zorro, Peter Pan and The Three Musketeers, will put you through your paces as you feint, lunge and flick through an hour-long fencing masterclass. Take your kids along for some family fun, travel buddies for a friendly fencing game or your significant other for an unusual and uplifting workout. Rosibel is the Vice President of the Fencing Association in Spain, and she can cater each class from a fun and frivolous first-time experience to an extensive and intensive fencing game. By the end of your masterclass, you will be lunging and flicking like a movie star.

The Small Print

  • Duration one hour
  • Minimum age from 7 years old
  • Available year round